Android Digital Signage Player

Our products are perfectly suitable for industrial use as digital signage players. We offer compact and fanless Android Mini PCs at a low price. Equipped with the latest hardware, our systems offer sufficient performance for almost all professional applications despite their very low power consumption. Highlights include features such as

  • Fanless and silent case
  • 24x7 continuous operation suitable with very low power consumption
  • Autostart function (immediate booting when power is applied)
  • Automatic playback of videos in media player incl. continuous loop (optional via app)
  • Touchscreen support (e.g. compatible with the models of the Iiyama ProLite series (aspect ratio 16:9))
  • Native 4K resolution in user interface (certain models only)
  • Rotation: portrait / portrait mode
  • Real Time Clock "RTC" (certain models only)
  • Root access / Watchdog timer (certain models only)

Optional customizations on request: customization of the housing (logo, color, etc.) or the packaging/accessories, your own boot logo, automatic start of apps & automatic playback of videos in a continuous loop and much more. Contact us directly!


Our models

Large Format Displays

Digital signage is all about making advertising content visually appealing. We recommend the robust ProLite series from Iiyama, which is specially designed for industrial use. The Orbsmart S87 PRO and DS02 support touchscreen control (LFD displays with 16:9 aspect ratio) ex works.

We offer special conditions for Ijyama displays on request. Contact us directly for this!

Fields of application

Advertising & Marketing Agencies

Advertising and marketing agencies use digital signage as an effective medium to communicate with their customers, visitors, prospects, buyers and employees. It increases revenue, brand awareness and customer interactivity.

Conference Center

Digital signage provides effective and flexible communication tools to inform large crowds with important event information, menus, displays and facility details. Inspire your audience with impressive presentations.

Gaming & Entertainment

The gaming & entertainment industry is no stranger to the digital signage world and its interactive technologies. Digital signage has been providing solutions to communicate with potential customers and increase sales for years. Real-time promotions & information on games can be easily provided.


Educational institutions use digital signage solutions for simple presentation of information about events, timetables or cafeteria offers. It’s so much easier and more direct to communicate & provide information with students.



Improved communication in the Healthcare makes the organization even more efficient. The Management of visitor flows, display of routes, maps, hints or even an appealing entertainment during waiting time are the possible fields of application .

Retail & Service Points

Create an exceptional shopping experience for your customers by using digital signage. Promoting special offers and special discounts can be coordinated with your warehouse. This way you increase the attention of customers to your desired product.

Restaurants, bars and nightlife

Displaying interactive eye-catching menus, specials, events or pricing information. Digital signage allows you to quickly update targeted information and share it with your customers to influence them.


On the shop floor, digital signage can be used to deliver information directly to your employees: for example, for immediate notification of critical production issues, monitoring, health and safety alerts, event announcements, and inventory monitoring.


Provide information about upcoming sermons, events, worship services, functions, and arrival/departure of visitors to your facility. Or even Displaying the lyrics of songs during the service, certain messages and much more to the congregation.

Stadiums or public places

The display of live news about sports results or even the complete broadcasting in the form of a live TV stream. Digital signage allows an additional means to provide visitors with live information or appropriate advertising.

IT industry

The IT industry uses digital signage solutions to communicate important messages to your employees and customers quickly and easily. It is possible to display information from multiple data sources using stand-alone systems or even enterprise-wide solutions.

General communication

Digital signage allows businesses or corporations to communicate with employees or customers in a variety of ways through displays in hallways, conference rooms, lobbies or stay rooms.

What is a digital signage player?

Digital Signage Player – The key to successful digital marketing

Digital signage players are indispensable tools for companies that want to promote their products and services in an effective way. These powerful devices enable companies to present real-time advertising content on screens to engage and inform customers.

Digital signage players are easy to use and can be configured in various ways. Our devices are specialized for special functions like interactive displays or touch screens, or for simple playback of videos or images. The versatility of digital signage players makes them an important tool for businesses of all sizes.

Digital signage players allow companies to place their advertising messages in different places and at different times. For example, digital billboards can be placed in shopping malls, airports, train stations and other public places to attract customers and draw attention to products or services. A major advantage of digital signage players is that they can update content in real time, which allows companies to quickly respond to changes in the market or promote current offers and promotions.

Digital signage players are also an excellent tool for internal communication in companies. Employees can access important information such as training, security measures or updates by using digital displays in the office or other work environments. This way, companies can ensure that their employees are always up to date and can work more productively.

In addition, digital signage players can also be used in schools and universities to communicate information and announcements to students. In hospitals and other medical facilities, they can be used to provide patient information and improve the patient experience. Digital signage media players can also be used in hotels and restaurants to inform guests about menus, events and activities.

In summary, digital signage players can be a great way to spread your marketing messages in an effective way and promote your business. If you’re looking for an easy-to-use and powerful device, consider adding a digital signage player to your marketing toolkit.

There are a variety of digital signage players on the market, and it can be difficult to choose the right one. If you are looking for a high-quality and reliable device, you should pay attention to the following features:

  1. Performance: the Orbsmart product portfolio offers a variety of digital signage players with enough power to play all your content smoothly and without delays.
  2. Flexibility: our digital signage players have a flexible configuration to play different types of content, such as videos, images and texts in different resolutions or frame rates.
  3. Connectivity: Orbsmart’s digital signage players enable a stable Internet connection (via WLAN or LAN) to update content in real time without interference.
  4. Compatibility: our digital signage players are compatible with various Android operating systems and software applications to facilitate integration with your existing IT infrastructure.
  5. Reliability: our digital signage players are robust and durable to ensure trouble-free content playback. All devices are fanless and therefore designed for 24×7 continuous operation.
  6. Scalability: to accommodate future needs and growth, our digital signage players are also expandable, e.g. the size of the RAM or internal storage.

There are also a variety of manufacturers and suppliers of digital signage players on the market. Orbsmart provides reliable support and assists with the installation and configuration of the device.

In summary, a digital signage player provides a cost-effective and effective way to deliver marketing messages in a modern and engaging way. With the right configuration and usage, your company can reach their target audience in an effective way and increase customer loyalty or sales.

If you are looking for a high-quality digital signage player, Orbsmart is an experienced and reliable provider. Our equipment has the features and functionality to meet your needs and take your business to the next level.

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